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We see you

and we realize many small businesses have a need for custom, industry specific software, but because of budget restrictions, often settle for pre-packaged software applications that do not meet the dynamics of the way THEY do business.

This often leaves businesses with solutions like using multiple applications, double data entry or, manual labor that could/should be automated. Axis Software Development is in business to alleviate these challenges and develop software to do exactly what you need it to do for YOUR business.

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Our approach

to software development is different. We offer what we call a development contract, an at will agreement which requires a reasonable monthly payment for a term you agree to in exchange for development of your software application.

This allows you to absorb cost by developing your software in prioritized modules over time. This approach leaves room for developing new ideas and handling unexpected challenges during development, without the pressure of time and cost.



Support and Training

are critical parts of custom software and are covered during the development phase. Once development is complete, we offer a Support Contract, an at-will agreement that covers software enhancements and upgrades, user support and training. 

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is a critical part of any software application. We provide full, user-friendly documentation of your custom application in PDF format that is accessible from within the software and via http links.